This is the clue. No matter how many medals you’ve won, how much money you’ve earned, if you run with passion, then you know WHY you do WHAT you do. WHY are you an athlete?

The medals, the titles should be the result of your hard work, not the reason. Behind a medal you find hours and hours of sacrifice, sweat, pain; but you LOVE IT. Like Casado said to me one day: “before being a good athlete, you need to know how to be a good person”. Once you’re a good person you can become a good athlete and being surrounded by marvelous people, friends and workmates. Sometimes you need to stick to perseverance in order to achieve your goals, your dreams; but if you don’t enjoy the present and you don’t know WHY you’re doing what are you doing, these goals become a nightmare. And it’s not easy to find out the right way to do things when the society, in general, is always pushing you to be the number one, the champion. The problem is: no medals, no marks…no money. Just think for a moment that every single person must make a mark, be the best and compete against everyone at his/her work environment in order not to be fired. People would become crazy. So i reckon that being an athlete is not easy  and I may say that i’m already a champion, like most of the athletes.

Me, for example, i ran last weekend the National Indoor Championship and got my first medal after coping with two dark years. It was just incredibly amazing. I coulnd’t stop thinking about all the work i’ve done and most of all, all the people who are always standing by me: family, friends, coach…

Thank you to everyone.

And Run With Passion.

Next Stop: Gijón,  National Cross Country Championship.

Podium 3000m Cto España Indoor. Sabadell 2012